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What is Zip Range?

Makes up to 100ft range

Zip Range is a quick setup and breakdown mobile range for your backyard, field, or favorite spot in the woods. Zip targets takes the safety of an indoor shooting range and brings it to the outdoors. Perfect for all shooting sports including firearms, air rifles, archery, paintball, airsoft, slingshots, blowguns, nerf, and any other shooting sports. Zip Range comes with everyting you need to make up to a 100 ft shooting range. All you need is any cordless drill to send and retrieve your targets. 

A variety of targets can be hung from target hanger including paper targets, clay disc, cans, bottles, ballons, archery foam, and steel gun targets. The Hanging bracket is adjustable so you can change the angle of the target to position it in a safe and convenient direction. The pulleys can be mounted with the provided straps or screwed in via mounting holes. If there are no trees available, a 4x4 post can be used or set in ground for mounting.

What's included in the Zip Range Kit?

Zip range kit comes with the following items:

* (2) Custom Pulleys with chuck

* (1) Center Bracket

* (1) Custom Paracord Winder

* Military Grade 550 paracord (202 feet)

* (4) 10ft Cinch Straps

* (4) Target Clips

* (1) 1/4" driver

* (5) Paper Targets

* (1) Draw String Carry Bag

Zip Range All Parts modified black copy.

Custom Pulley

Zip Targets custom pulley was designed to be strapped to a tree or post, but can also be permanently mounted with a screw or anchor. The build in 1/4 inch quick connect post allows for a drill to be attached to drive target back in forth within the range. The 4 holes are in place for future modular rechargeable motor.

Center Bracket and Target Bar

This is the heart of the system.  Made from thick aluminum that has been sandblasted and anodized. The hole is for a carabiner and left side is a quick cinch tool for attaching the string.  The bottom target bar has slots and holes to hang a variety of targets.  The center knob allows you to adjust and lock the shooting angle.

Center Bracket and Bar White copy.jpeg
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